How it works 

uProbe is an ultra portable ultrasound device using your smartphone or tablet as its screen. uProbe has its on built in wifi router, allowing it to  connect directly with your device of choice. uProbe uses a small 15MB app which you can download either in the iOS App Store or for all your Android devices in our download section, here.  



  • Adjustable Frequency and Focus 

  • 4 Level Noise Reduction 

  • Advanced Imaging Technology

  • Save Images and Videos to your device and send it via SMS, E Mail and Messanger 



Convex Portable Wireless Ultrasound Probe 3.5/5MHz
Linear Portable Wireless Ultrasound Probe 7.5/10MHz
Linear Portable Wireless Ultrasound Probe 10/14MHz




5C - Low Frequency Probe

Probe Head: Convex 

Depth: 90mm - 200mm

Mode: B/BM

Color Doppler: No 

Battery: 2-3hrs 

Application: Urology, ICU, Obstetrics, ER 


5L/C5L - Mid Frequency Probe/Color Doppler

Probe Head: Linear

Depth: 10mm - 55mm

Mode: B/BM

Color Doppler: yes (Model: C5L)

Battery: 2-3hrs 

Application: Nerve blocks, Orthopeadics (Rotator cuff), etc.


5N - High Frequency Probe

Probe Head: Linear

Depth: 10mm - 55mm

Mode: B/BM

Color Doppler: no

Battery: 2-3hrs 

Application: Nerve blocks, Central lined etc. 



Nerve block /Probe: 5N / Frequency: 10MHz / Device: iPad 5 


Nerve block /Probe: 5N Frequency: 14MHz Device: iPad 5

Probe: 5C Frequency: 3,5MHz Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Probe: C5L Frequency: 7.5MHz Device: Apple iPad 






"We have procured a number of uProbe 5N probes and have been very impressed by their capabilities and portability. uProbe is excellent value and suited well from beginner to intermediate level regional anaesthesia, as well as for vascular access."

                                                                                      Dr. Colin Padoa, Beck, Danchin & Partners Inc, Durban

"I am currently using the uProbe 5L and I am very satisfied with it. For an affordable and truly portable ultrasound solution the uProbe is hard to beat."

                                                                                      Dr. Andrew Tresling, Anaesthetist, Johannesburg

"I am using uProbe in my clinic and the device is well established. Sonographie is conventionally done by radiologists here in Australia but having uProbe available allows me to offer this service in my rooms. The patients are appreciating it."

                                                                                      Dr. Joerg Rhau, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Greenslopes Shoulder & Upper Limb Clinic, Brisbane

"I recently purchased the uProbe C5L and 5C. uProbe is an excellent product which is making my work so much easier and shortening my hospital stays due to being able to make quick bedside assessments."

                                                                                      Dr. Gerrie Jansen van Rensburg, Pulmonologist, Klerksdorp 



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